Our Values at Warriors Heart

Warriors Heart is a public-private funded treatment facility with a mission to provide treatment for those who put their lives on the line for our safety. Our dedication to the wellbeing of our Warriors extends to our Warriors Heart Foundation, a 501-(c)3 that assists them in their time of greatest need with resources for expanded programs. We humbly thank you for your continued support and trust.

Our core values are the rules and boundaries that define the Warriors Heart culture and personality, and provide the structure to behaviors and decisions made by everyone in the team.

Being there for each other is the core of our work, Warriors Healing Warriors.

“There are many attributes that we all like talking about in the Be, Know, and Do categories of leadership, and it is good that we talk about them. The real deal though is what happens and what decisions are made by our leaders when the shit hits the fan, when the rubber meets the road, and when the metal hits the meat – what then? At those moments, true leaders show how much they care. It is labeled as courage, but really it just means that they care more about the mission and men than they do themselves. That’s nobility – it’s spiritual, and it pierces the veil between the world that we can see and the one we can’t. It is amazing and one of the most difficult things for any human to pull off.”
– Warriors Heart Co-Founder, Tom Spooner

Sobriety Is A Lifestyle

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we choose to live. We are a community of elder warriors, healers and support staff united as brothers and sisters in arms facing the battle of addiction and PTSD. Together, we show up and serve in a sober state of mind, body, and spirit, free from chemical influences. We know that addiction blocks the connection to self, others, community and to a higher power. The sobriety experience at Warriors Heart is a spiritual reconnection.

The team members that are in recovery are expected to continue working their programs and maintain abstinence. Our Warriors Heart team members not in recovery are expected to use wisdom in their personal lifestyles and will never place those in recovery at risk. At Warriors Heart, the sobriety lifestyle is of one of sustainability, responsibility, solutions, personal development, respect, courage, service, and, sometimes… acting a little goofy!


We have declared the use of entrepreneurial business as a force for good. Corporate responsibility drives decisions and builds lasting relationships with our people, community, and environmental impacts. As members of a team, each of us has a very important role in the Warriors Heart healing experience. Success of our mission is based on our ability to effectually respond to objectives, communication, feedback and measurable results within a timely manner.

Two of the unspoken responsibilities are integrity, and honesty. Wielding the truth isn’t as simple as just blurting out whatever is on your mind because it is your truth at the moment; it requires tact and responsible use. Truth is our guiding light when people find themselves in moral or ethical dilemmas. Responsibility of Truth is the seed from which personal accountability and integrity grow.


Service is the foundation of Warriors Heart. In every aspect, our mission driven organization was created to serve. At Warriors Heart, selfless service is motivated by love. We believe that this is the underlying horsepower that enables all other values to occur. If we don’t have a measure of love for the mission and each other it will be impossible for the other values to occur in hard times and tough decisions.

You will discover a passionate group of individuals who understand that our time, talents, and resources are not just our own. Being there for each other is the core of our work, Warriors Healing Warriors. When we are in service to our fellow beings, we are in service to a higher power. Service at Warriors Heart gives us a satisfaction that self-interests can never offer.

Drawing by Joonho ‘JK’ Kim TacticalDrawings.com

Solution Based Organization

There should rarely be a time when we hear from any one of us this statement, “we can’t do that.” We improvise, adapt and overcome, all within the limits of the legal, moral and ethical laws. We never bring up a problem with out at least a concept of a solution; otherwise it is just a complaint.


We must prepare for the Long War. It is very important that everything we do must have this mindset. There will be times when we must hit things hard and fast but we get to be very mindful that this mission will not ever go away in our lifetime. It will be up to the Leadership of our team to keep each other in check. When to push and when to back off.


We bring this up knowing that we are going to have differences in opinion but as long as mutual respect is given and expected, we can work through any personality differences and tactical decisions. Disrespectful words and deeds will not be tolerated. Accepting that we all make mistakes at times, we commit to breaking down the mistake to draw out the learning’s.

Personal Development

We are an organization that is professionally committed to the development of people. We know that the best way to support our mission, our clients, the team and our communities, is by personal development. Our focus at Warriors Heart is the holistic healing of body, mind and spirit. Every member of our organization is expected to participate in business and personal development training. Our culture is based upon continual improvement… personally and professionally. We are lifelong students. Our environment at Warriors Heart is to empower the human spirit. We make every effort to exude excellence in all facets of our people.

We’re a little Goofy

The last thing people think of about rehab is fun. By no means is addiction and the pain that goes along with it fun, far from it. At Warriors Heart, we know that a simple smile, laughing again and having fun are key components to the healing process. By example, we remind our clients that they can smile, laugh and have fun again, and yes…while sober. Fun is the energizing and unifying force that connects us to recovery and life. At Warriors Heart we do intensive work, and we know when to let loose and have some fun and yes, we’re a little goofy.


It takes courage to take a stand for your own life and the lives of your fellow warriors. At Warriors Heart we support our clients and their loved ones to enroll in the healing process. It takes courage to honestly look at what’s going on internally and to take that first step. We are here to lead by example, share common experiences and provide the best healing modalities available. As a team, we must have the courage to deal directly with each other; take on challenges and the courage to innovate.