Warriors Heart Patient Referral Program

Therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals often refer members of the military, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders with PTSD and addiction to Warriors Heart.

Mental health professionals often refer patients as a result of them facing unique situations that others rarely encounter in their lives, which could cause challenges during treatment. These situations can include armed combat, exposure to crime scenes, and other traumatic events. Warriors Heart addresses this by offering treatment that is focused on the events and experiences that they have gone through. Our facility only accepts members from the warrior class to help build a feeling of community, mutual respect, and understanding among our residents.

By treating PTSD and substance addiction in only these trades, we’re able to provide a better treatment for those who are unable to find success with traditional therapy, due to the unique nature of their work. Our treatment center located just outside of San Antonio, TX offers an opportunity for them to be among others who are in similar situations. This allows for a more effective approach to their treatment, while providing the support they need during their stay.

Our Treatment Programs

Our program treats all trades as one due to the similarities in experiences they live through. The unique differences that make this condition hard to treat in comparison to civilians are due to the fact that “locking down” emotions is part of the job, and there is a distinct need for camaraderie from others in similar trades.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our dual diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is another level of care we provide at Warriors Heart. This one of a kind day treatment program includes Monday-Friday, 120 minute groups that include relapse prevention, 12 step work, life skills and process groups that are designed specifically for warriors with addictions, PTSD, and Trauma and mood disorders. Clients are required to commit to a minimum of 8 weeks (40 treatment days) of IOP. The IOP also includes 1 hour of individual counseling that’s designed to offer ongoing clinical support that strengthens the success of long term sobriety and healing as well family sessions, case management, and aftercare referral services. IOP can serve as a step down from residential treatment at Warriors Heart or another facility, or as a direct admission to IOP for clients who may may need more services than outpatient care can provide, but do not require residential or detox services.

Residential Treatment

Our main program is the most effective at treating the symptoms that a patient might be experiencing. Our inpatient program consists of a 6 to 8 week program. Under our care they will benefit from the support of others in similar situations, receive personalized treatment according to their unique needs, and will benefit from the full treatment provided by Warriors Heart. There is a minimum of 42 days for this program to ensure the optimal care and treatment.

Long Term Sober Living

To those who are transitioning from our inpatient program or are simply interested in a sober lifestyle for their patient, it’s recommended that they attend a long term sober living program. This allows for them to receive proper education about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, the benefits of living a sober life away from addiction, and how to proceed with their life after counseling.

Outpatient Counseling

Treatment at the outpatient level of care involves the use of individual counseling and therapy sessions to treat underlying causes of addiction, PTSD, and mood disorders as well as provide supportive therapy for sustained recovery and sobriety. This level commonly offered after the completion of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), our outpatient treatment program features a variety of fully licensed and well-seasoned addiction counselors and Master Level therapists that provide evidence based treatment in an outpatient setting.


Our subacute detox facility is located in Warriors Heart and offers comfortable drug and alcohol detoxification for all men and women. Each individual will benefit from an individualized detox program designed to provide the highest quality treatment for overall wellness and recovery. We do this with a full staff of licensed and experienced addiction specialists who each provide personalized monitoring and manage withdrawal symptoms at all times.

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Our Facility

The Warriors Heart treatment center is located just outside of San Antonio, TX in a beautiful 543 acre ranch. Designed with the patient in mind, our center provides a calm home-like environment to allow for better treatment of their PTSD and addictions. This also allows for them to congregate alongside others who are facing similar situations and are in the process of recovering. Our complex features a dedicated chef, 100 beds with private suite-styled rooms, and the ability to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

We have created an environment where they won’t feel alone. Our center provides a variety of programs to treat conditions including group therapy, yoga, physical activities, and more to ensure that they benefit from the facilities we offer.

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