If you would like to discuss if Warriors Heart is the right program for you or a loved one, please call our Admissions Advocates at (844) 448-2567.

Once you decide if Warriors Heart is right for you or your loved one, the Admissions Advocate will work with you to schedule an arrival date, coordinate transportation, and send you any necessary paperwork.

We understand that time can be of the essence and will work with you day or night to get you or your loved one to a safe place.


Upon arrival at Warriors Heart, the healing process will begin. You will be greeted by a Warriors Heart team member and welcomed to the healing center.

After signing the appropriate intake paperwork, a Warriors Heart team member will facilitate a basic tour of the facility and room and make the introduction to a peer client that has been assigned as a battle buddy.

This peer battle buddy will assist you in gaining familiarity with program structure, rules, and basic layout.

You will meet with the Warriors Heart physician and an evaluation will be conducted. The evaluation focuses on medical stability, ability to participate in the program, health concerns and limitations, health and wellness goals, and nutritional history and goals.

It will be assessed in the pre-admissions screening if detox is likely. It is recommended that if you or your loved one is using a large amount of alcohol or prescription medication that a detox bed be secured prior to admission. If detox is medically necessary, we will arrange this service with the local provider.

Getting Started

Once your loved one is settled in, you are encouraged to participate in the Warriors Heart programming.


You or your loved one will also meet with their primary Therapist. The primary Therapist will conduct an in-depth assessment to become familiar with any and all unique circumstances. This first meeting and one-on-one session contributes to the development of a customized treatment plan complete with goals and timeframes. Don’t worry; we’ll let you rest before diving into this.


It may be recommended that to assist in the healing process, family participation, family/marriage counseling or distance counseling will be built into your treatment plan.

Any and all outside communication with loved ones is contingent on a signed Release of Information (ROI) document. This signed ROI allows Warriors Heart to exchange information with your loved ones.

After the ROI is signed, a phone call to select loved ones will be placed by your primary Therapist. They will provide your loved ones with their names, credentials, e-mails and contact information to expedite communication and to guide everyone through this process.