Our Department:

The Warriors Heart K9 Department provides our clients with the opportunity to adopt a dog from our K9 Academy program. Each dog is classified as an Emotional Support Animal or a Service Animal so that the client can travel with, house, and utilize the dog within ADA compliance. We also have the K9 Experience program to allow clients to enjoy dogs at their own pace.

How we Help

Our Academy K9s are trained to travel in airlines, behave in dog friendly facilities, and they give the client another system of support that they can take home with them to continue their journey of sobriety with someone by their side. We pair each dog with our clients carefully to ensure a good match all around.

Our Programs

We have two programs available:

Academy: This is the pathway to adoption. Each client will come in and learn how to handle, train, and work their dog in public. It is a 5-week intensive course to teach the clients about the caring, grooming, and training needs for a dog. Completion of this course is required to be placed with a dog.

Experience: This is our program that allows a client to interact with dogs without the emphasis on the academics. We have 3 dogs available to hang out with, play, and learn some basic handling skills. Experience members will also do minimal support for the academy program if desired.

Our Facility

We have a kennel building on the far end of campus. We provide both indoor and outdoor kennels to facilitate housing based on weather. We can currently house 10 dogs, but have plans for an expansion come 2020.

Where do we source our dogs?

We work closely with rescues, shelters, and private donors for both our Academy and Experience program dogs. Each dog is evaluated onsite and brought on after a 14-day holding period to ensure they are a good fit. Because these dogs have access to public in airports and airlines, we ensure that they have the behavior and temperament to handle these types of environments before we begin formal training.

How can clients get involved?

Clients can sign up for the K9 elective in the afternoons. K9 Academy members are required to participate in wellness visits every morning and night, and must assign 2 hours a day towards our program on the days the kennel is open. K9 Experience Members do not have strict requirements of participation and are free to use our facility at their own pace.