There are several payment options for you or your loved one’s treatment at Warriors Heart. Our goal is to make the financial part as seamless as possible so the that we can focus on healing.

Warriors and their families come from a variety of financial backgrounds and we want to serve as many warriors as possible. Our admissions counselors can assist you in finding the best option that works for you and your family.

Private Pay

Many warriors choose to pay privately for treatment so as to not have a record with their insurance company about what they are going through. Private pay provides this level of confidentiality.

  • Many are able to completely pay for the total cost of treatment themselves. Others have reached out to family members and friends to support them in these costs.
  • Credit Cards or Credit Care – Using credit cards is another viable way to pay for the cost of treatment. There are also many different medical/credit care cards available for the use of medical/mental health services.
  • Fundraisers – We have had several clients organize different fundraisers to assist with the cost of their own treatment.
  • Patient Financing – My Treatment Lender is a patient financing company that assists with healthcare costs. They offer a wide variety of options to finance your treatment based off of your credit score, auto title, and more. To apply go to


Billing of insurance. Currently, Warriors Heart is not in contract with insurance companies. This means we will bear the risk if your insurance company doesn’t pay, we will not back bill you for costs not covered by the insurance company. You will only be responsible for the “client responsibility” and any additional services you may opt into.

Warriors Heart will do a basic verification of insurance. This does not entail authorization or confirmation. The insurance company provides a basic picture of what they may cover. We will provide you with what the estimated insurance contribution will be and determine what your cost or “client responsibility” will be to enter into treatment.

Being out-of-network allows Warriors Heart the opportunity to provide the best clinical care with innovative therapeutic options and not be bound by the rules and regulations of the insurance companies. Insurance companies often attempt to dictate what a client’s care should be based on what the insurance company is willing to pay, which is not necessarily the best treatment option for the client.

Workers Compensation

PTSD and addiction are both caused by psychological scars that can make working difficult. This is especially true for law enforcement, EMTs, and other first responders who are faced with tragic encounters each day on the job. This is why in certain cases, workers compensation programs provide benefits including payment for lost wages as a result of time off work and coverage of all medical treatment related to PTSD.

Warriors Heart is credentialed and accepts Aetna, Cigna, and many other providers, including the following insurance providers.

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United Healthcare

(Call to see if Out-of-Network Benefits are available)

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Veterans Affairs
Due to the overload of Warriors suffering from PTSD, the VA does not have the capacity to treat all of our warriors. Wait times to be seen can be as long at 18 months. Due to this strain, we are working towards contracting with the VA to cover treatment.

Primary and Secondary Insurance
Some have primary and secondary insurance (mostly seen in married couples with insurance through both their employers). One insurance holder is named the primary holder and the other is the secondary. Depending on the available benefits, both insurance companies can be billed. Primary is billed first and then the secondary to possibly cover any differences or not covered benefits from the primary.


Warriors Heart may offer scholarships to those Warriors and their families who deserve assistance in covering the costs of care. Our admissions counselors will provide a scholarship form to fill out. Based on the hardship and verification, various amounts of scholarship funds can be rewarded.

Local Faith Based Organizations

Some faith-based organizations have family resource programs where they can financially support their congregants for these types of services. Check with your organization to see if they have these types of services.

Employer Support

There are employers who offer assistance for their employees who are in need of treatment. Many offer this because they want their employees to be happy and productive again. You can check your Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), HR, and supervisor or CEO.

Addiction and Poor Mental Health are considered disabilities. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires that an employer give reasonable accommodation to an employee who can demonstrate that they are substantially limited in a major life activity or crisis. In the case of employment, if an employee can show that their excessive drinking, PTSD, etc. prevents them from conducting tasks necessary to employment, then they may be due accommodation so they can rehabilitate from their condition and keep their job. They do not require an employer to tolerate relapses and refusal to obtain help, but you are protected to a degree.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) does not permit an employer to terminate an employee for extended absences taken in order to obtain treatment for addiction or mental health challenges.

Neither federal nor state law protects employees who abuse substances while at work, or whose addiction abuse prevents them from performing any part of their job. If you are afraid of revealing you have a problem, see if there is a way to discreetly check policies on this.

Please check your local state laws on protection while obtaining treatment. Many take a leave of absence while in treatment, either through FMLA or time off, others let their employer know and work with them during their time of crisis. It’s up to you on how you handle this; we want you to be aware of the different options. We are not HR professionals or lawyers; this is for information purposes only. Please consult experts in your area if you are concerned about losing a job while getting treatment.

Wounded Warriors and other Veteran, Military, and First Responder Organizations

We are always working on lists of organizations that will assist our Warriors in healing. Please check with our admissions counselors for organizations that currently support Warriors in recovery. If you know of an organization, please let us know so we can further the mission of bringing 1 Million Warriors Home.