Warriors Heart treats service members nationwide from our active military, first responder, and veteran treatment center located in San Antonio, Texas. Our rehabilitation program focuses on treating armed forces members including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as law enforcement and firefighters to overcome the damage of PTSD, chemical dependency, and addictions.

The damaging effects of combat linger long after discharge from service. A return to civilian life can become complicated by the dark memories of combat, which often result in chemical dependency and mentally deteriorating conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI).

We treat the primary diagnosis of substance abuse, and we treat a variety of psychological disorders, and several other addictions you might be undergoing, including:

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Substance Abuse


Substance abuse is all too common for those returning from combat or being on the frontline. Active military and veterans who have been through combat exposure often turn to drugs in an attempt to calm the negative emotions they experience. Some active military members and veterans end up using alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin in order to calm their negative thoughts.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment


Veterans, active members of the military, first responders, and firefighters are often faced with several traumatic events during their service. The experiences they live each day slowly cause a feeling of dread that can lead to PTSD and cause a dependency on alcohol and substance abuse as they seek comfort from nightmares, flashbacks, and more.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Alcohol Abuse


Often those who suffer from PTSD symptoms use alcohol as a way to cope with the symptoms of psychological disorders. However, alcohol is a depressant that not only causes symptoms of depression but also enhances the damaging effects of PTSD. The effects of drinking don’t only affect our warriors, but their families and loved ones as well. Often victims of alcoholism use social events to hide their alcohol dependence, although it quickly escalates and takes a toll on their health and wellbeing.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Drug Abuse


Prescription drug addiction is common among military members due to the high amount of injuries sustained while in the field that require the use of painkillers. Their addictive nature ultimately leads many armed forces members to fall prey to them and often let it destroy their lives.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -TRAUMA


Your experiences on the front lines leave scars that may be invisible at first but run deep within you. PTSD develops as a result of an instinct that intends to protect you from further traumatic experiences. For example, flashbacks force you to relive an experience in detail so you’re better prepared if you face it again. Meanwhile, hyperarousal (being on edge) develops to help you react quickly in another crisis.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA


Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is any sexual harassment, assault, or continued sexual threat that service members experience while in military service. Both men and women can be victims of MST, and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers free treatment for those who have suffered Military Sexual Trauma or assault.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -DEPRESSION


Depression symptoms often include feelings of hopelessness, dark thoughts, and despair which take control of your well-being. The joy you once felt is dampened by memories that you wish you could change, and can even result in damaging side effects including self-harm and anxiety. Often the precursor to other damaging addictions, depression can lead to dependence on alcohol and drugs as you seek to calm the negative feelings you’re experiencing.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -ANXIETY DISORDER


Anxiety is common. Everyone experiences feelings of nervousness when faced with important issues in their life. However, anxiety disorders are different since they don’t only cause mild discomfort, they disrupt your entire life.Fear and worry become the norm, causing an overwhelming feeling of constant vigilance. Normal everyday events are now accompanied by trembling, nausea, and a numb feeling in the body.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -COCAINE ABUSE


Active duty members from the US armed forces are often free from hard drug addictions due to military’s strict drug testing policy. However, upon discharge veterans might begin abusing cocaine in an attempt to dampen the nightmares, trauma, and other negative emotions caused by their experiences.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -METH ABUSE


While meth abuse does not usually occur during active duty thanks to drug testing, service personnel often turn to it to cope with PTSD due to the way it induces feelings of pleasure via a higher dopamine rush than even cocaine. Meth is a dangerous combination of being highly addictive within one dose and more affordable than other drugs. It is equally dangerous since users take it over a series of days, staying high for long periods of time. This develops a tolerance, leading to the perceived need for higher doses.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment -HEROIN ADDICTION


Heroin is often used by those suffering from the damage of PTSD since it induces a calming effect. However, the damaging effects of heroin addiction soon show their true colors and ultimately destroy your health and could put your life in danger. Heroin addiction is often caused by prescription drug abuse. Military members who are unable to satisfy their addiction to prescription drugs due to the need of a prescription may start using heroin instead.

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Warriors Heart treats members of the armed forces including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as police and firefighters so that they can overcome the damaging effects of PTSD, chemical dependency, and addictions. Located in San Antonio Texas, we serve Warriors across the United States.

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