Metal Shop

The Shop is a place of sacred healing. Warriors are guided through the process of working with metal as a way to build/create artwork to enhance their healing process. The process of repurposing scrap metal into something new assists them in their healing process as they are repurposing their lives. Clients continue their personal insights through this expressive art activity.

These tomahawks are hand-made by warriors currently undergoing treatment at the Warriors Heart facility.

These truly unique items were made by warriors who get treatment at our facility to support other warriors. 100% of the proceeds go to the warriors heart foundation.


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There is a well-known saying among veterans and first responders, “The only one that knows what a soldier is going through is another soldier.” Warriors Heart is a place where that mentality, warriors helping warriors, resides in the hearts of every member of the team. To our protectors who have reached a point in their life where they think they have nothing to live for, strength is found in this group that simply and truly believes in the power of our community, the power of each client that walks through the door of Warriors Heart and the power of each graduate who proudly emerges through the gates of the Ranch after graduation!

How the Elective Started

This was started by Elder Heart & Mission22 in which Tom is a co-founder. Elder Heart ran the shop as an elective for the clients. They were able to make Native American art projects for Mission22, as well as a project to take home or leave at Warriors Heart. When Mission22 moved their part of the shop off property to focus on other projects, Warriors Heart Foundation took over the shop.

The future of the elective

The Shop is expanding. Warriors Heart is building a bigger shop for the Foundation. This will allow more space for the client electives and potentially more clients in the shop at a time. The artwork is becoming more in demand as word gets out and opportunities to showcase it at various locations.

How donations or a major donor allowed for expansion and other areas that they assist with

While it can be seen in different ways, most donations go towards hardships for our Warriors that need help getting into treatment. 10% of donations go towards overhead/expenses, with the majority of these expenses are for the wood and metal shop to continue to serve the clients in their healing through art.

Can donors specify how their donation is used?

Generally, donors can request donations go somewhere, but IRS guidelines dictate that it is still ultimately up to the Foundation on where donations go. Donations can be restricted for a specific use.