What Other Warriors are Saying About Warriors Heart

I am proof that the WARRIORS HEART WORKS. I would recommend this place to the men and women who are seeking help…
-Jose, US Army

As someone with both military and treatment in my background and close to my heart, I have to say this program is truly a class act. I am spreading the word within my networks and suggest you do the same. We truly need this in our community, and Warrior Heart has picked up where the VA has failed so many. The Unicorn exists people and it's in Texas!!!read more
Scott Mckinney
Scott Mckinney
22:49 07 Dec 17
I love the work Warriors Heart does for our protectors. Thank you for helping my daddy.
Jake Lannon
Jake Lannon
20:09 25 Mar 17
Best care possible for Vets, Firefighters, Police, struggling with addiction & PTSD
16:43 03 Feb 17
Everything about Warriors Heart was amazing. Don't ever think twice, or hesitate, going.
danial armentrout
danial armentrout
01:46 30 Oct 16

“Warriors Heart is a very special thing. For me, it’s personally very special because it’s the only place that I’ve ever experienced where I can be 100% myself.
I’ve been involved in recovery since 1992, and I’ve also been a Warrior since 1990… Warriors Heart is the one place where that kind of healing, with the same like-minded people can occur.

It wasn’t just a prescription, you know? It was a reason and a piece of the solution for me.”

-Tom Spooner, USA (Ret) Co-Founder

“Seriously the first time through all of this that anyone has cared about me. I just want my husband and best friend to be able to live this life with me and see all the beauty I see.”

“I now have hope. Before Warriors Heart, hope seemed like a dream lost within a sea of nightmares.

Thoughts of hopelessness, failure, depression and anxiety turned into thoughts of hope, success, happiness and confidence with the help of my guardian angels here at WH.

Thank you for saving my life.

I can say with confidence that I believe this program works for warriors. My only complaint is that this specialty program for warriors did not exist earlier in time as then there would not be a Mission 22 but perhaps a Mission zero.

Thank you for saving my life, my family, and affording me the opportunity to get back in the game to help others.”

-David O. MIL, LEO

“I have NEVER seen a place like thiswhere everyone works as a team and looks out for and honestly cares for each other!
The example of caring and teamwork was where I drew most of my inspiration to emulate them and set an example for my co-clients.”

-Michael, LEO

I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, compassion and empathy of the team that you have assembled. It is very apparent that they all have their client’s best interest at heart.


…I felt like part of the family.

“I arrived at Warriors Heart very depressed and suicidal. I was accepted and cared for by everyone from day one. I didn’t feel like a patient, I felt like part of the family. I have transformed from a miserable man to a person with inner happiness. I have never been this happy in my life. Warriors Heart saved my life!!”

-Levi, Marine MP

“I cannot say enough good about Warriors Heart.
Contacted them about having a service dog trained for PTSD. They answered all our questions and if they didn’t have the answer, they found it. Gave us a tour at Warriors Heart and answered more questions. The staff they have is very professional and willing to help.”

-Lindsey, Wife of a Marine

“I didn’t know what to expect coming here. My experience has been fantastic!

My life has been fundamentally changed by Warriors Heart.

My experience at Warriors Heart changed the way I think about myself and my way of life.

Alcohol led me to forget who I am. Warriors Heart helped me remember who I am … a warrior.”
– Tim, US ARMY MP, Deputy Sheriff

spartan warrior helmet

“Wonderful people and wonderful program! A place to heal, focus and return to your best self!”


“Warriors Heart is one place we can truly feel safe. I have finally forgiven myself. My time here has made me remember that I am strong, I am brave. I can and will overcome.
God brought me to Warriors Heart for a reason. He’s held on to me and is holding me up so I can walk again. For the first time, I am excited about my future. I have to pay it forward now.

Love, your brother forever.”

-Jim, LEO

I have to pay it forward now.

“How can I not give you five stars when you saved my brother’s life?! Thank you Warriors Heart for taking care of my brother!”

“For those of you that may already be here, I’d like to welcome you and say thank you for the step of courage you’ve taken to better yourself”
-Christian B.

“I found exactly what I needed here to be the best version of myself, and I am leaving a very grateful person.

It was everything I expected and more, without any prior experience with rehab. I would highly recommend this facility due to its staff, overall treatment and facilities available.”
-George B

“When I got through the gates at Warriors Heart my nightmare was over.”

“I was welcomed with open arms and a feeling of security. I felt safe and at home. I spent the next 42 days side by side by side going through the healing process with the finest clinicians, staff and Warriors of all types that I have ever met. It was an amazing experience with the perfect environment for a seriously broken veteran desperate for hope like myself.”

I came in search of help.

This place is incredible.

“It has opened up so many positive outlooks in my life and I will be forever grateful for the
staff, clients and the friends who helped me get here. And a special thank you to my amazing

-James A.

“A place where warriors can go to be safe and truly heal.”

“After what seemed like a day or two but was actually 29, Warriors Heart assisted me back to a healthy body, mind and spirit. I cannot stress how amazing this ranch is. I say ranch because it is unlike any facility in the world when it comes to treating and healing critical, tough almost impossible hurdles such as PTSD, TBI, and addiction. Their approach is truly unique and the brotherhood I experienced there is as strong as that of my Brother’s in combat. A true family. Beautiful, comfortable and Real. Warriors Heart changed my life.”

-Matthew C. Sapper

“I was able to share and connect with other people for the first time since I left the Army.”
-Trey G

“I came in with so much baggage and felt like I was drowning.”

“With help from the counselors, the staff and the clients I know in my heart that I am leaving a better person. I now have the tools, abilities and confidence to handle each situation and not just handle it but handle it the right way. I will never be able to thank everyone here enough for the gift they gave me but I will never stop trying.”

The only place I have felt like I belong.

I had a powerful experience at Warrior’s Heart.

“The staff and clinicians are wonderfully supportive and provide expert care. Warrior’s Heart provides a safe, healing, and loving therapeutic process for military veterans and first responders.”

-Luke M.

“I felt at home at Warrior’s Heart. Every single person welcomed me home when they met me. I learned about myself, my disease, and how to be the best man I can be. I made lifetime friends here. I have their 6 and they have mine.”

“I will forever be grateful for my time at Warriors Heart. I feel like for the first time in 11 years I’m going to live a life. I have met so many great people, and all of the staff. This place will forever Be in my heart, and I will always hold it sacred. I’m so very thankful for having this opportunity”
-Will B.
US Navy Medic

“Thank you all for helping me begin my healing process. I could have not started this journey without the encouragement, guidance, and compassion that Warrior Heart showed me during my treatment. God blesses.”
-Chris C.
US Army Psychological Operations

“It was amazing I love this place; it saved my life.”
James H.
US Marine Corps

Warriors Heart is a place where miracles happen
Tommy L.
US Army

“Warriors Heart is the dawn to my new life after a nightmare. I’ve made some lasting relationships with like-minded individuals and this is THE place to be for the warrior class. There truly is no other place like it on earth.”

-Sen L.
US Army

“Warriors Heart gave me control of my life back. I am better prepared to handle and overcome difficult situations that may arise in my recovery. Hands down this place saved and changed my life.”
-Will L.
US Army Infantryman

“I had a powerful experience at Warrior’s Heart. The staff and clinicians are wonderfully supportive and provide expert care. Warrior’s Heart provides a safe, healing, and loving therapeutic process for military veterans and first responders.”
-Luke M.
Law Enforcement Officer

“Wow. So much to say. Bottom line warriors heart saved my life but also helped me find and rescue my soul. I lived a life from before I was born of only survival. From the moment I was created in the womb I was preparing to live in a hostile world my brain shaped and designed for a war on earth.

The first memory I have was when I was 2 not even able to speak yet but I remember being afraid. That fear and sense of being unsafe and needing to be aggressive vigilant and not trusting was my only known existence and my only way to experience the world. I did not know friendship belonging love safety happiness or fun. I was. Told these things did not exist and to want for them was for the ignorant or childish. The prey in life. Being raised by a cruel and uncaring family developed me into a nearly hopeless case destined for cruelty or victim hood. I had little hope coming here. I felt I didn’t deserve it I was unworthy, and someone was wasting their money on a non-human like me.

Many times, I wasted to quit but instead was directed how to turn that into deeper work… to buckle down and learn… the staff educated me and helped me dissect my life forensically with love and care and gentleness. They caught me how to trust. They helped me honor my spiritual gifts and none my own power to reconnect with God and start the overwhelming process of getting my life in order. Through their guidance and learning tools and sessions from EMDR I was able to finally become MYSELF. I feel I was fragmented and scattered and broken lost and abandoned before this happened. All 5e parts of me were collected from over the lost years and shown to others on, my lifeline. Once the parts came together, I was welded together in a water baptism and then the snapping and cutting and polishing could start. Everyone here client staff and all helped, are this possible.

My heart spirit and soul were integrated here and it’s all thanks to visionaries who saw this place before it was purchased. 5e ones who had the courage to see what was needed in the world and the dedication to making this happen, thank you josh and Lisa and to Tom who I never met. Thank you for believing in me and knowing to do Gods work. I hope to join in it soon… all my love and gratitude.”
-Amanda N.
Mountain View P.D.
Cali Firefighter

“This place is amazing and even though there are multiple clients here I feel that staff takes the time to make it a focused individual program for each individual that is here while also keeping group focus as a whole. I have never had an experience like this for recovery and treatment this is a very unique program that has set a standard for Warriors of all kinds that others will have a hard time finding anywhere else. There is so much this center has to offer and clients are allowed to be part of their own individual
recovery plan to help each person grow and find what they are looking for. I have been able to regain myself and come back to who I am thanks to Warriors Heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
-Colby L.
US Navy

“The only question Warriors Heart can’t answer is, why did it take me so long to seek help? Warriors Heart saved the rest of my life. Thank you for being there.”
-Jerry B.
US Navy

“Warriors Heart has changed my life. I came here with 30 years of drug use and severe PTSD. My detox was brutal, but the staff helped me get through it. They saved my life. If you are a Warrior and are suffering this is the place to help you heal.”
-Bob D.
US Army Special Forces

“Warriors Heart is very different than other treatment facilities. From the clients to the staff it is very apparent that everyone wants to be here and is willing to do whatever necessary to help one another. You are going to get what you put in and if you put forth the effort you will leave here with the mindset and tools needed to succeed in the real world.”

-Michael C-L.
US Army

“Warriors Heart gave me my life back. It’s a very special place and I’m glad to be one of your warriors.”
-Robby B.
US Army Combat Medic

“This place is incredible. It has opened up so many positive outlooks in my life and I will be forever grateful for the staff, clients and the friends who helped me get here. And a special thank you to my amazing counselors.”
-James A.
Portage County Sheriff’s

“Right place at the right time for me to be.”
Dave G.
US Navy

“Warriors Heart made me want to live again.”
Mark B
US Coast Guard
Gunners Mate

“This was a great experience for me as I received the help, I needed but hadn’t realized yet. I watched others experience the same transformation which in turn helps those silent professionals around them. It’s a revolving door to help.”
-Wayne K.
US Army & US Air Force

“Warriors Heart was something I’ve waited for fifteen years to find. I thank God it was there for me and created at a point that was not too late for me and so many others to find their purposeful life and worth again. I have a family and identity with purpose once again. Thank you for saving my life and my family.”
-Scott B.
Law Enforcement Officer

“Warriors Heart is a very unique and special place. It gave me my life back. I am forever grateful for the support from the staff, and more so, my fellow warriors walking the path with me.”
-Robby B.
US Army

“It was everything I expected and more, without any prior experience with rehab. I would highly recommend this facility due to its staff, overall treatment and facilities available.”
-George B.
US Army Helicopter Pilot

“Warriors Heart is a place to find healing through an excellent staff, knowledgeable and amazing clinicians, and other fellow Warriors. The program shows you the path to push through personal issues, addiction, and PSD. My time here was precious, and I will return to my family as a person I once was. Thank you, Warriors Heart.”
-Doug M.
US Navy Transport
Law Enforcement Officer

“The admissions team heard my cry for help and took me very serious and did everything in their power to help me get here. I don’t know how much longer I would have lasted on my own. Now I have been given back life, with a fresh renewed spirt for life and a positive outlook for my future. I thank you and my family thanks you for truly saving my life.”
-Baxter M.
US Army Special Forces

“Warriors Heart was a wonderful and therapeutic rehabilitation program for me. The men and women made me feel right at home from day one through the end of my recovery. Thank you very much.”
-Joseph M.
US Army Combat Medic

“A truly life changing experience”
Derek S.
US Army Field Artillery

“Warriors Heart where wounded souls come to heal and learn how to live free again.”
Miguel G.
US Air Force Military Police

“This program saves lives. If you put the time in, get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself this place and this program does nothing but aid in success. You get what you put in, and this will be the ONLY program I will suggest anyone to from here on out. This environment breeds success and I’m honored that I had the chance to recover at this place with these giants.”
-Alex N.
US Marine Corps Infantry Rifleman

“I’m very happy that I found my way to this facility at the time in my life that I did. It is definitely what I needed in my life and would not have had the experience I did in a traditional treatment facility. Healing with other veterans, surrounded by a supportive and caring staff was what made all the difference.”
-Buck P.
US Marine Corps Infantry Rifleman

“I have been to other rehabs before that did not work.
Warriors Heart saved my life, I was trying to self-destruct for not for being here I would be dead by now.”
-Blaine E.
US Coast Guard Fireman
Fire Fighter

“This program saved my life. All therapy was catered to my needs. I would recommend Warriors Heart to all paramedics suffering from PTS.”
-Bobby C.
MICU Paramedic

“As a 25-year retired Special Operations Veteran, I would not have gone to rehab at any other place. Warriors Heart saved my life.”
-Pat M.
US Army Special Forces

“Thank God for Warriors heart. Without this place I don’t know where I would be. I could very well be dead. I was traveling down A long and Lonesome Road. Warriors heart has help me come out of my isolation and depression. And I’ve seen it heal all those around me. I would’ve never gone to a conventional rehab. But I happened to stumble across from Warriors heart and it saved my life. I could not be more grateful for all the staff and counselors that assisted me along my way. Through my treatment I have rediscovered a path and direction for my life. Facility is wonderful the Helsing is amazing and all the activities that are available to do have helped me to heal my soul. I am no longer angry and resentful toward life for no reason at all again I have found my path in a direction to steer my life in.
If any prior service or first responders are looking for a place to heal their PTSD or Alcohol or drug addiction problems, then this is the place for you! Through faith and perseverance, I will once again strive in life to be the best person I can be for myself and for those around me. I am proud to call myself warriors heart alumni and if you are seeking help no matter what time of day or night you can contact them 24 hours a day seven days a week. God bless”
-Matthew P.
US Army

“My experience at warriors Heart was the best by far. Even though this was my first treatment center it was not what I expected, I expected the worst from other horror stories about other treatment centers. The staff was professional from day one until the end of my treatment. I learned so much about myself my addiction and my PTSD my counselors where straight up and to the point. There’s nothing easy about this place and for sure it is not a vacation; I took it as it was a pass or fail course. From sun up to sun down there was always something to be accomplished. There was always something to do if it wasn’t reading, working in the shops, going to crossfit or just attending class and having good discussions. I feel that I am a better person mentally and physically and spiritually I want to thank Keith David from Taskforce Dagger and Gary Koeintzer from the Special Forces Association for their support. I would recommend this place to any person that is struggling with chemical dependence or PTSD. I can’t wait for WH to expand and one day be part of this program and help others like the people here that helped me thank you Warriors Heart.”
-James S. – MSG (retired)
US Army Special Forces

“Absolutely amazing. The people here are great, and treatment is effective. So thankful to have an opportunity to attend such an awesome facility. So many people have not had this opportunity that I have had, and I want to help those people to be able to come here. Thanks.”
-Matt G.
US Navy Coreman

“I came to Warriors Heart a complete mess, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Through trusting the process of the program, I was stretched beyond my comfort zone which helped me grow. The program and the family at WH helped me back to health with a complete acceptance of who I really am, a sober man with a purpose and future.”
-Moe R.
US Air Force Aerospace Maintenance

“If it wasn’t for Warriors Heart, I would not have received the tools I needed. This place saved my life.”
-Ryan R.
US Army Infantryman

“Warriors Heart doesn’t pretend to be perfect, but who is? They saved my life and my marriage. I will always be thankful for them and my brothers in arms, who I met here.”
-Stephen P.
US Army Counterintelligence

“Before I came to WH I was near death physically and literally suicidal. I am in a much better place now and I am greatly appreciative!”
-Mark N.
US Navy Coreman

“I was in a very dark place when I entered into Warriors Heart. I just wanted to end everything, and I didn’t care if my disease would kill me. But going through the program, they have opened my eyes to a more positive lifestyle, and I cannot thank them enough for it. “
US Air Force

“Warriors Heart is a place that sheds light on Darker Paths-it’s a place that presents a calm for my fellow Brothers and Sisters on all “battle” fronts– kudos to the staff and to the “Heart” great HEALING place for Warriors.”
-Carlos R. MIL, LEO