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Warriors Heart helps active military and veterans who put their lives on the line for our country. We create dedicated and tailored programs for every warrior seeking help, starting at a minimum of 42 days and extending up to 8 weeks. Together we face their addiction and PTSD challenges.

It’s not easy. We know.

We help active duty military and veterans daily. When you come home, you bring back more than physical scars. Your experiences stay with you and lead to unresolved combat stress, post traumatic stress disorder and can even evolve into substance abuse or addiction. We understand what you’ve been through, what you need, and welcome you to our healing facility.

Active military and veterans place their lives on the line for the safety of our country. However, many who offer their service come back home with more than just physical scars. Whether you served our country as part of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy, each experience you lived through can contribute to feelings of ill effects of combat and other traumatic events.

This can lead to feelings of isolation and inability to connect intimately with family and friends. In certain cases this can also lead to PTSD, with many turning to alcohol and drugs in order to decompress. For family members, it can be hard to come to the realization that the person who returned home is not the same person they know and love. In these situations, seeking treatment from Warriors Heart is the best option to ensure that they are able to recover and truly come home.

In order to provide the best treatment possible, we only accept those who suffer from addiction by itself or in conjunction with psychological disorders such as PTSD.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment For Active Duty Military - Warriors Heart is an addiction and PTSD treatment center for active military, veterans, and first responders. Contact us today at (844) 448-2567.

Causes of PTSD and Addiction In Active Military

Traumatic events suffered during battle are among the most common causes of veteran PTSD. This includes being in battle against an enemy, suffering a wound as a result of gunfire or grenade explosions, or seeing a fellow soldier suffer damage from enemy fire. Those who have served during war in the military are also all too familiar with being exposed to terrorist attacks, which often causes survivors to live with the memories of the event.

These memories live long after discharge, with veterans often seeking self-medication through alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs to comfort themselves. Prescription drug abuse is more common among those who have been injured in battle, with 11.7% of veterans falling prey to this addiction in comparison to 4.4% of civilians.

PTSD / Addiction Signs and Symptoms To Look For In Active Military

It’s important to look out for a few telltale signs that your loved one in the military might be experiencing symptoms of PTSD. While some of these symptoms might occur after stressful situations, such as not wanting to engage in enjoyable activities, they become of concern when they are sustained.

A fear of losing a promotion, lacking trust to articulate emotional pain, or even just saving face and acting tough could often lead many to not seek help within the military and the resources they provide. This is why Warriors Heart was made, to provide assistance to those who are in a time of need.

Feelings of unrest

After their return they might be unable to sleep well as a result of the vivid memories they experienced during service. Some may even attempt to drink alcohol or take drugs in order to get sleep, however, this can ultimately lead to addiction which causes more harm.

Inability to feel happiness

Those who experience PTSD or addiction tend to lose pleasure in activities they once enjoyed. This can include losing interest in doing any activities at all or simply having difficulty experiencing any positive emotions when spending time with friends and family. This can also include isolating themselves from others in an attempt to hide their inability to express positive emotions.

Shift in mood

A shift in mood is one of the most noticeable signs to watch out for and one that family will notice upon their return from service. This can include feelings of irritability, aggression towards others, expression no hope for the future, mentions of feeling trapped, among many others.

Using drugs or alcohol excessively

Alcohol has long been a socially acceptable outlet for stress. However, those who are experiencing PTSD or addiction tend to abuse alcohol to the point of blackouts, hangovers, and binge sessions. This also includes the abuse of drugs to the point of dependency and withdrawal symptoms if attempts are done to stop.

Threats to cause self-harm or suicide

One of the most alarming signs is your loved one stating that they want to cause self-harm or commit suicide. It’s important to not take these threats as simple words. If a loved one in the military has taken action or threatened to harm himself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for immediate assistance.

Violent behavior

Upon returning from service there could be an increase in risk-taking behavior which indicates a disregard for their safety and life. They might also threaten to hurt or actually harm someone they love. This can include domestic violence where the partner or family members are subject to intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault, or other abusive behavior.

Recover your life (844) 448-2567

What separates this place from the rest of them is the people – who understand what we’ve been through and what we’re coming from.

– Mikey H., Former Navy Seal


Our treatment programs start at a minimum of 42 days, but our main program and one that will provide the most benefits consists of a 6 to 8 week program. These programs are tailored to treat a variety of symptoms, including PTSD, grief/loss, and moral injury.

Once treatment begins, we will provide your loved one with an individual treatment plan developed by their primary counselor after an initial screening. These treatment plans are designed to address the problems that are identified and ensure that their challenges are addressed correctly.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment


Warriors Heart can provide private treatment program for adults men and women warriors seeking relief from substance abuse, chemical dependencies, various psychological conditions which might have developed related to job stress. Co-occurring psychological disorders we treat include PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and others.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Outpatient Treatment


At Warriors Heart, our main program is the most effective at treating the symptoms that your loved one might be going through. It consists of a 6 to 8 week program. By being under our care, they will be able to benefit from the company of others, receive personalized treatment, and focus on healing away from others. There is a minimum of 42 days for this program to ensure the optimal care and treatment.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Detox Treatment


Our Warriors Heart Detox facility offers safe and comfortable drug and alcohol detoxification for all warriors. We’re fully staffed with licensed and experienced addiction specialists who will provide personalized monitoring and manage withdrawal symptoms around-the-clock. Each individual detox program is designed to provide the highest quality of treatment to ensure overall wellness and recovery. A fully staffed sub-acute drug or and alcohol detox facility with around the clock monitoring.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Lodge Treament


60 day minimum program that helps continue a sober life after treatment. It’s recommended that your loved one attend a long term sober living program upon completion of their treatment or if they wish to live a sober lifestyle. This program provides them with the information they need to understand alcohol and drugs and their harmful effects, the benefits of being sober, and how to live their life after addiction through counseling sessions.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Lodge Treament


Our primary focus is in providing a smooth transition for your loved one after their 42 day inpatient treatment. In order to provide a stronger chance of success for long term sobriety, our outpatient program provides 1-on-1 counseling. By doing this, we’re able to provide tailored treatment once a week where a family member or partner can join to assist in the healing. At least 1 session a week of individual counseling/therapy.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Mert Treatment


MeRT, or Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (also known as MeRT) is a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of magnetic and electrical stimulation to improve brain function. MeRT has been shown to have numerous benefits for individuals with a range of neurological and psychological conditions.

Comforting & Healing Facilities

Warriors Heart Texas is located in Bandera, TX in a beautiful, private ranch, our goal with Warriors Heart is to provide treatment in a home-like environment. We strongly believe that healing is best done at home, and by avoiding the sterile-looking feel of a hospital we have created a treatment center that helps highlight those qualities. Within the many acres of our ranch you will find comfortable suite-like client rooms, recreational rooms, relaxing outdoor activities, and plenty of space to reflect. There is also a warrior fitness center, and delicious meals cooked by a private chef.

We pride ourselves in having designed Warriors Heart as an environment where you won’t feel alone by providing a place where warriors can interact with others who have experienced similar situations.

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  • Warrior Fitness Center
  • Running & Walking Trails
  • Fishing on Our Private Lake
  • Massage/Body Work
  • Basketball Court
  • Fitness center
  • Recreation room
  • Jujitsu
  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • K9
  • Shops
  • Art
  • Offsite non-denomination church

Since my transition out of the military I have never really been able to find home. Warriors Heart has shown me the path that leads to it.

– Brendon, USA Army Captain (Ret)

Warriors Heart is TRICARE Certified

Warriors Heart accepts Aetna, Cigna, TRICARE and the following insurance providers, to provide veterans and active duty members an affordable way to pay for their stay.


How To Pay For Treatment

There are a variety of ways to pay for your loved one’s treatment at Warriors Heart. From paying through an insurance provider to choosing to pay privately or through a workers compensation program, our admission team will be able to assist in determining the best option for you. Our focus is on healing and making the financial part of the process simple.

What To Expect

Upon arriving to Warriors Heart your loved one will be greeted by a Warriors Heart team member and be welcomed to our treatment center. There will be a tour where they will be able to experience what we offer after some quick intake paperwork. By touring the facility they will be able to see what we offer while getting familiar with their surroundings.

What To Bring

We offer a simple list of what warriors usually bring during their stay at Warriors Heart. This includes basic paperwork, appropriate clothing, and medications. There are also a few things that will have to be left at home to ensure that the treatment is done effectively.

The battle against addiction and PTSD starts today. (844) 448-2567