Aftercare is a critical component for long term recovery. Many warriors do well in a controlled environment in treatment, however things can go sideways when we go outside the wire. Aftercare, outpatient programs and Warriors Heart’s sober-living programs are designed to provide support and resources needed to survive and thrive in life.

What access do our clients get in Warriors Heart aftercare?

Warriors Heart alumni are alumni for life. Access goes beyond your normal treatment center. We aim to keep you on track using these programs and resources:

  • Weekly onsite alumni meetings
  • Alumni calls via video-teleconferencing
  • Warriors Anonymous groups
  • Invitation-only Facebook Group
  • Annual alumni retreats and celebrations
  • Offsite events


How to Reach Out If In Need

Any Warrior who has completed our program can reach out via our 24-hour help hotline at (844) 448-2567 . We are here for the alumni and loved ones.