Our facility offers treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and chemical substance abuse (cocaine, meth, heroin, prescription drugs, and other substances), with a co-occuring condition, such as PTSD, trauma, military sexual abuse trauma recovery, anxiety disorder, depression, TBI, to name a few.

Our medically-supervised detox programs help manage and treat withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive substances. These can range from feelings of worry, nausea/vomiting, shaking and sweating, hallucinations, severe trembling and abdominal pain. Seizures are also possible and could result in fatal consequences if done without medical supervision.

Managing withdrawal symptoms on your own is not recommended. This could lead to severe effects on your body.

After detoxification, our team of certified counselors step in. They have experienced the effects of PTSD and addiction in their families.

By addressing the issues that led to the addiction, via therapy and counseling, Warriors Heart can help avoid any problems that could ultimately lead to a return to substance abuse. We have established ourselves as the treatment facility of choice for veterans from the armed forces as well as members of law enforcement and firefighters.

Sufferers of trauma may benefit from individual therapy or group therapy. The most effective course of action is to work through the anxiety, fear, embarrassment or anger. You are not alone. Professional help is available to greatly assist with the recovery process.

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Since my transition out of the military I have never really been able to find home. Warriors Heart has shown me the path that leads to it.

– Brendon, Ret US Army Captain