Jiu-jitsu is not about fighting. It is a way of life that encompasses a disciplined life, selfless sacrifice, honor, loyalty, humility, and standing up for what is right for yourself and others.

That means saying no to bad habits, adopting healthy habits and being a present, fully-engaged parent, spouse/partner, worker and citizen.

It is not just a way of life; it is a way of saving a life.

Warriors Heart believes in the integrative and holistic approach to the human being and how to heal. Jiu-jitsu teaches our clients to face fear. It allows strengthening of the hippocampus, that part of the brain that develops, stores and retrieves our memories, including those that plague the PTSD sufferer.

Not everyone can face their fears in this kind of arena, but those who do experience an empowerment that otherwise are nearly impossible to find. It helps them get unstuck, then grow into someone stronger.

tim pharo

Tim Pharo, LPC
Warriors Heart