At Warriors Heart, we have created a treatment facility and program from the ground up with a specific target. We mean to help Warriors in every walk of life. We offer a variety of treatments for those seeking inpatient treatment for chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders relating to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or the psychological effects of MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). For those who have fought battles to defend our country and our citizens, fighting the battle against addiction and depression doesn’t need to be done alone.

Warriors can be found along many walks of life.




The unacceptablely high number of warriors suicides each day in our nation served as perhaps the strongest motivator for Warriors Heart. Warriors Heart is still working to reduce that number to zero. We’ve discovered that members of the armed forces in active duty are especially prone to experiencing feelings of purposelessness and loneliness, which can swiftly result in dependence or addiction on substances like alcohol and prescription medicines. Reestablishing purpose in your life is one of the largest improvements Warriors Heart can assist you in making.

Perhaps the biggest impetus for the founding of Warriors Heart is the unacceptably high number of daily veteran suicides in our country. Warriors Heart continues to work to bring that number closer to zero. We’ve found that veterans are particularly susceptible to feelings of loneliness and lack of purpose, which can quickly lead to dependence or addiction on substances like alcohol and prescription drugs. One of the biggest changes Warriors Heart can help make is reintroducing purpose into your life

Becoming a career police officer incurs a great deal of job stress. Long hours, dangerous shifts, and repetitive paperwork build up over time and might result in frustrations at work bleeding into home life. As retired law enforcement, our staff can understand the pattern this leads to. Seeking escape or relief results in a cycle of substance abuse, emotional lows, and return to high stress. These addictions range from alcoholism and drug usage to internet and pornography addiction. We don’t want to push a cookie-cutter 12-step program on you. Our philosophy is one of confidential, communal, and personal recovery. The facility at Warriors Heart offers the peace you’ve been looking for, and we couple that with personal counseling to help create change that lasts.

Very little matches the pressure of fighting for your life and the lives of others simultaneously. As a firefighter, that’s the duty you’ve accepted. What you don’t have to accept is the destructive effect that stress can have on your life. PTSD is a real concern among firefighters and can go unrecognized for much longer than it should. If you’re experiencing common symptoms of PTSD and trying to cope, you might be developing habits or dependencies that could be hard to break. Addiction is a coping mechanism that causes more harm than good.

Paramedics, EMTs, ER surgeons, and others are often the first line of defense for medical trauma. As a minority of the population, you are regularly asked to go above and beyond in your work. First responders sometimes develop patterns of substance abuse or addiction in their response to job stress. These harsh situations can create vicious cycles that are incredibly difficult to overcome alone. That’s how Warriors Heart can help.

We work with frontline warriors. This can include correction officers, frontline personnel, emergency room nurses and doctors and more!

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