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Strength Through Healing


Warriors Heart Virginia

As the first and ONLY private and accredited treatment and training program in the United States that is exclusively for our frontline protectors, Warriors Heart is growing!

Warriors Heart offers a Full Continuum of Care, which includes: Detox, Day Treatment, Residential Treatment, and Training Programs, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Sober Living (60-day minimum), and Aftercare, within our new Warriors Heart Virginia Campus!

Our Virginia Campus

Warriors Heart Virginia is a picturesque 516-acre healing center nestled between Richmond and Washington, DC. Once the home of Easter Seal Camp East – now part of the esteemed Warriors Heart Treatment family – this sprawling outdoor retreat allows us to provide specialized care for active duty personnel, veterans, and first responders who are suffering from chemical dependency or alcohol abuse issues along with co-occurring psychological disorders, including PTSD and TBI ((mild traumatic brain injury).

Its 36,000 square feet comfortably spread amongst its three lodges: Blue Sky, Morning Star & Timberline Lodge guarantee an ideal environment in which our clients can focus on their healing journey with guidance from our passionate team.

On top of that, our rooms feel like the “opposite of a hospital”.

“Addiction did not happen overnight, and neither will the recovery and healing.” – Josh Lannon, CEO/Co-Founder of Warriors Heart

Warriors Heart Virginia provides a safe and inviting environment for clients to begin the healing process: with both private and shared rooms across our remodeled facilities, each equipped with its own handicap-accessible restroom. Our spaces offer comfortable accommodations for up to 64 clients as well as our counseling areas and other services. Timberline Lodge is also fitted out with an expansive kitchen and 5,500 square foot gymnasium where holistic activities such as yoga can be enjoyed by all onsite.

With 23 acres of majestic lake, Virginia’s countryside comes alive with scenic views perfect for fishing. Hiking trails dot the 516-acre retreat and give our clients breathtaking sights during each season.

We even have our equine program, where we offer a 12,500 square foot center that boasts eighteen climate-controlled stalls plus an indoor riding arena – not to mention original design work that brings out its Western charm.

We are only 45 miles from Richmond and within 2 hours of Washington D.C., Warriors Heart is so proud to have our East Coast Healing facility, Warriors Heart Virginia, to help serve more of our brothers and sisters in need.

First-hand Experience Treatment Programs

Former Special Forces and Warriors Heart Co-Founder Tom Spooner (U.S. Army veteran with 21 years of service, 1990-2011) played an integral role in developing these healing programs based on his first-hand experience. Spooner emphasizes, “We are dedicated to reducing the alarming number of veteran and first responder suicides by providing our protectors with a secure place to heal with their peers. This new campus enables us to assist in rebuilding the lives of more warriors so they are more confident in real life.”

tom spooner in combat gear holding rifle


Heal With Dignity

Warriors Heart Treatment Center is committed to your privacy. We understand the difficulties one faces in opening up to the challenges experienced on a daily basis and the need for substance abuse treatment that might incur.

You and your loved ones will be among their peers and with qualified team members to support your healing process. When challenges are so deeply personal, we want you to know we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with a safe place to heal with dignity and respect. Your conversations are held in total confidence.

We found that some of our clients choose not to let their employer know of their admission to treatment. Only with your expressed permission will Warriors Heart confirm your stay with us.

Heal With Courage

It takes extraordinary Courage to take the first step to reach out in order to look within.

You have started your journey of healing just by visiting and reading through our website. During your time at Warriors Heart you will learn more about your truest self and you will do so with the utmost respect and privacy, allowing you to rebuild your confidence at your own pace.

All medical records are protected by HIPAA Law – the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It protects your information in medical records, conversations, insurance companies and other health information. For more information regarding HIPAA click here.

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