Family and Friends

Watching the person you love and care for change as a result of their traumatic experiences during their service or shift can be heartbreaking. It doesn’t matter if they’re active military members, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, or first responders, these experiences are often too much for anyone to handle and can ultimately lead to harsh mental consequences such as PTSD or even cause addiction to alcohol or drugs. For those who are worried about the safety of their loved one and wish to provide them with help, Warriors Heart is the best option to ensure that they are able to recover with the dignity they deserve.

Signs To Look For

While some symptoms associated with PTSD and chemical dependency are often temporary due to their experiences on the job, there are other much bigger signs that must be addressed as soon as possible. These include persistent mood changes, a sense of isolation from others, a loss of happiness in life, erratic behavior, secretive activities, and more. Identifying these symptoms in order to provide treatment is essential.

  • Change in mood with increased irritability
  • Violent behavior towards others
  • Erratic behavior
  • Abuse of or dependence on drugs or alcohol
  • Signs of constant unrest such as nightmares
  • Inability to feel happiness or pleasure

If your loved one has attempted to commit suicide or shows signs that they are considering it, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for immediate assistance.


Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment


Warriors Heart can provide private treatment program for adults men and women warriors seeking relief from substance abuse, chemical dependencies, various psychological conditions which might have developed related to job stress. Co-occurring psychological disorders we treat include PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and others.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Outpatient Treatment


At Warriors Heart, our main program is the most effective at treating the symptoms that your loved one might be going through. It consists of a 6 to 8 week program. By being under our care, they will be able to benefit from the company of others, receive personalized treatment, and focus on healing away from others. There is a minimum of 42 days for this program to ensure the optimal care and treatment.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Detox Treatment


Our Warriors Heart Detox facility offers safe and comfortable drug and alcohol detoxification for all warriors. We’re fully staffed with licensed and experienced addiction specialists who will provide personalized monitoring and manage withdrawal symptoms around-the-clock. Each individual detox program is designed to provide the highest quality of treatment to ensure overall wellness and recovery. A fully staffed sub-acute drug or and alcohol detox facility with around the clock monitoring.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Lodge Treament


60 day minimum program that helps continue a sober life after treatment. It’s recommended that your loved one attend a long term sober living program upon completion of their treatment or if they wish to live a sober lifestyle. This program provides them with the information they need to understand alcohol and drugs and their harmful effects, the benefits of being sober, and how to live their life after addiction through counseling sessions.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Lodge Treament


Our primary focus is in providing a smooth transition for your loved one after their 42 day inpatient treatment. In order to provide a stronger chance of success for long term sobriety, our outpatient program provides 1-on-1 counseling. By doing this, we’re able to provide tailored treatment once a week where a family member or partner can join to assist in the healing. At least 1 session a week of individual counseling/therapy.

Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment - Mert Treatment


MeRT, or Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (also known as MeRT) is a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of magnetic and electrical stimulation to improve brain function. MeRT has been shown to have numerous benefits for individuals with a range of neurological and psychological conditions.

Our Facility

The Warriors Heart Texas treatment center is located on a beautiful 543 acre ranch just outside of San Antonio in Bandera, TX. Our treatment center is designed to not look like a hospital, instead featuring a calm home-like environment complete with a dedicated chef, 100 beds with private suite-styled rooms, and a wide variety of activities. These include fishing ponds, trails for walking or running, and recreational areas. For those who are physically active, there’s also the Warrior fitness center.

We pride ourselves in having designed an environment that allows your loved one to not feel alone while being able to share time alongside others who are also in recovery.

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  • Warrior Fitness Center
  • Running & Walking Trails
  • Fishing on Our Private Lake
  • Massage/Body Work
  • Basketball Courts
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • K9
  • Metal and Wood Shops
  • Art

With the help I received at Warriors Heart I am able to live with myself and be a better father to my kiddos. Thank you everybody at Warriors Heart.

– Austin, LEO

My family and I have been actively working to address my issues for more than two years; Warriors Heart is the first true success we have found. As a man, as a Soldier, as a Father, and as a Husband I finally am able to come home …

– Steve, US Army

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