Our vision at Warriors Heart is to bring 1 million warriors home

We hope to realize this vision by offering the following programs at our treatment facility:

The Warriors Heart Private Treatment Center

is located on the former site of Purple Sage Ranch in the Hill Country northwest of San Antonio where we have created a facility that provides serenity and space.

At Warriors Heart, we want you to feel like you’re healing at home, not at a hospital or impersonal health clinic. In fact, we’ve designed Warriors Heart to be the opposite of a sterile-feeling hospital. Through all the struggle and conflict, healing should ultimately be an uplifting, positive, and relieving experience. That’s what we’ve created for our warriors.

With Warriors Heart being on a large private ranch, we have created a space designed for healing and also allowing a number of activities where one may successfully recover. From our comfortable suite-like client rooms, private chefs, recreational room, warriors gym, ropes courses, fishing pond, running/walking trails and plenty of space to reflect, one can heal at Warriors Heart with honor.

You have served and sacrificed for your country, community and families and we are here to serve you.

We fully believe that healing involves a number of different processes, one including the space, surrounding amenities, and available activities. A few of the available Warriors Heart amenities include:

  • Comfortable Private & Shared Rooms
  • Private Chef & nutritional meals
  • Fishing on the private Lake
  • Running Trails, Basketball & Pool
  • Wild Game
  • Places to Reflect and Think
  • Warrior Fitness Center
  • Recreation Room to relax and talk
  • Massage/Body Work

Warriors Heart Art Shop

The Warriors Heart art program serves as a method of healing for those who have an interest in metalwork, woodworking, and painting. There is both a wood and metal shop on premises for our warriors to explore and discover their creativity.

Our warriors often find that working with their hands can be therapeutic and lend itself to the healing process by allowing them to express themselves through a different means. Some of the heartfelt projects our warriors have created have ranged from handcrafted wooden American flags to police shields formed from repurposed metal to beautiful, original paintings of the landscape.

The artwork can be taken home with the warrior or may be sold at the Warriors Heart auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the Warriors Heart Foundation to help future warriors that may not be able to afford treatment. There is no experience necessary for warriors to enjoy the metal and wood shop. There are many opportunities to learn from our talented staff who can teach and lead every client who is interested in learning a new skill.

Our shop is supervised and managed by combat veterans and former law enforcement officers who have experienced the healing that Warriors Heart has to offer. The Warriors Heart art program truly encompasses our motto – Warriors Helping Warriors.

We have created an environment where you won’t feel alone. When you are in a group therapy setting. You are with other Warriors who understand what you are going through.While experiences may be different, the pain, struggles and fears are often the same. Other treatment facilities mix all populations together which can make it difficult to share experiences with those who have not been in similar situations. Our niche is to serve our Warriors from a facility that has been created by Warriors. WARRIORS HEALING WARRIORS

warriors heart healing staff

Speak with a Warriors Heart Admissions Advocate for details.
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