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am 1370 radio interview with tom spooner

Tom Spooner speaks to My Social Good News (KCJE 1370 AM) about veteran suicide prevention

Tom Spooner was featured on the Let’s Get Healthy show on KCJE 1370 AM radio, where he talked about his recovery from prescription drug abuse and suicidal thoughts. He reaffirmed his commitment to stop veteran suicides, which is his personal mission here at Warrior’s Heart. My Social Good News also featured a story about Operation Warriors Heart.

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Dedicated to Serving Warriors Only

Check out Fox 10 Newsmaker Sunday interview with Host John Hook and Warriors Heart Founders (Josh Lannon, Lisa Lannon and Tom Spooner) explaining their WHY for opening the first ever private addiction center in the US in 2016 dedicated to serving warriors only (veterans, military, law enforcement, first responders and civilian warriors). We are dedicated to “taking care of our protectors”.

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My Why