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My Why

Adam - Warriors Heart is an addiction and PTSD treatment center for active military, veterans, and first responders. Contact us today at (844) 448-2567.

My Why: Adam Wallace

I was addicted to opiates for just over half the time I have walked this Earth. The first thing I ever wanted to be was an Army Ranger, and due to my addiction, I was never able to take that oath to serve my country. I have played water polo for our national team and…

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Cathy Allen- Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment

My Why: Cathy Allen

Cathy Allen Admissions Advocate Cathy grew up in a military family, mostly living at Ft Campbell and Ft Knox. Her family moved to Florida her freshman year of high school. Cathy served 3.5 years in the Air Force. She separated due to a high-risk pregnancy. After her daughter was born, she was a stay home…

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Michelle "Cash" Axmaker - Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment

My Why: Michelle “Cash” Axmaker

Michelle “Cash” Axmaker K9 Manager Michelle is a Native Texan and in true Texas form, grew up on her family’s horse ranch near Houston. She learned the value of hard work and dedication early in life, traveling the country showing Competitive Quarter Horses. This lifestyle began her life long passion for animal training and behavior.…

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My Why: Stacy Lowry

It is a true honor to serve and work at Warriors Heart to give back to our first responders and their families to support them in health, wellness and recovery. Not only am I a police wife, but also have served as a Parole Officer with the Department of Corrections in Washington State. Many times…

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My Why: Bill Whitley

Bill Whitley Safety Officer Bill was born & raised in the Texas panhandle. Bill was a straight A student & athlete. His family was in the oilfield trucking & automotive parts/repair business. At age 15, Bill was introduced to intravenous methamphetamine use & for the next 36 yrs, lived in a constant nightmare of drug…

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Corey Weber - Warriors Heart - Addiction and PTSD Treatment

My Why: Corey Weber

Corey Weber Clinical Manager / LCDC Corey Weber was raised in Geneseo, Il, a rural community west of Chicago near the Mississippi River.  A few days following graduation from high school he served in the US Marines.  Serving as a Marine; included infantry, security forces, K9 handling, and terrorist intelligence.  One of his memorable assignments…

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My Why: Tom Self

When it was time to get back to work I prayed and asked God to put me where he needed me.  The next time I opened the Indeed app the first listing was for a Maintenance Technician/Ranch Hand for Warriors Heart. This was exactly the type of work I was looking for and after doing…

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My Why: Josh Lannon

Josh Lannon Co-Founder/CEO Described as “a driven person with out of the box insights,” Lannon has successfully built and operated 6 healing centers. With a bold vision to bring 1 million warriors home from addiction and PTSD, Warriors Heart is leading the way in chemical dependency treatment for our Warriors. Growing up, Josh apprenticed under…

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