PTSD and Addiction Treatment
For Veterans

soldier talking to counselor about ptsd

Veterans go through traumatic experiences that the normal civilian wouldn’t be able to understand. Whether you served our country as part of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy, each experience you lived through can contribute to a feeling of dread and lack of joy you once felt in life.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that often occurs as a result of these traumatic experiences. Flashbacks leave you unable to sleep with a feeling of numbness taking over your life. These feelings could also lead to alcohol dependency as well as substance abuse as you attempt to calm the nightmarish effects you are experiencing.

Causes of Veteran PTSD and Addiction

Traumatic events suffered during battle are among the most common causes of veteran PTSD. This includes being in battle against an enemy, suffering a wound as a result of gunfire or grenade explosions, or seeing a fellow soldier suffer damage from enemy fire.

Those who have served during war in the military are also all too familiar with being exposed to terrorist attacks, which often causes survivors to live with the memories of the event. These memories live long after discharge, with veterans often seeking self-medication through alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs to comfort themselves.

Prescription drug abuse is more common among those who have been injured in battle, with 11.7% of veterans falling prey to this addiction in comparison to 4.4% of civilians.

Symptoms of Veteran PTSD

Some of the most common indicators of Veteran PTSD include:

  • Depression
  • Inability to remember important details about events
  • Persistent negative beliefs
  • Intense distress after remembering event

Being exposed to traumatic events could result in constant flashbacks and feelings of anxiety as you try and live your life as a civilian upon discharge from your military service. It could also cause you to feel numb, draining all feelings of joy and happiness you once felt in your life.

In order to reduce the feelings of dread you might turn to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to calm your thoughts and sleep. However, this has the unfortunate effect of relying on alcohol and other illicit substances in order to sleep and live your life.

Treatments for Veteran PTSD

Warriors Heart offers a variety of treatment options for you. Our counselors will meet with you and determine the best treatment to offer for chemical dependencies and other various psychological disorders such as MTBI and PTSD you might be experiencing.

Our most popular program is a 6 week residential addiction and PTSD treatment program with a day treatment program that will help address the symptoms and circumstances you might have.

We are committed to your privacy and allow members from any military branch to heal with dignity and without fear of judgement. We have gone through the same battle and are here to support you as you do the same.

Don’t fight the battle alone

Warriors Heart treats veterans from the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy from the effects of PTSD and substance abuse. Our veteran PTSD treatment center is located in San Antonio where we treat service members from across the nation who have served our country during the conflict in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, or Vietnam as well as those brave men and women who continue their service to this day.

Our team knows firsthand the damage that happens that PTSD and addiction can cause on the lives of those who serve our country and their family and friends who love and support them. Waking up with a sense of purpose and joy of living are both possible if you treat the causes of your PTSD and drug addiction.

Contact Warriors Heart today to begin the battle against PTSD. (844) 448-2567