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New York Sports and Beyond: Tom Spooner Speaks on Veteran Suicide

Tom Spooner appeared on the New York Sports and Beyond podcast, where he spoke on his experience in the military, his readjustment to civilian life, and the mission on his heart to fight veteran suicides in the United States.

During his segment on the podcast, Tom speaks about the founding of Mission 22, and his involvement in founding Warriors Heart to provide much-needed private care to military veterans and first responders.

josh and lisa lannon on warriors heart grounds near the war at home memorial

VIDEO: The War At Home – Memorializing Veterans lost in the Battle to Suicide

Magnus Johnson and the Mission 22 team have come together to create a mobile memorial honoring the 22 veterans who commit suicide, on average, every day. Currently, this memorial is housed on Warriors Heart grounds. Josh and Lisa Lannon are featured in this video describing Magnus’ mission, along with Annette Hill, as she speaks about the impact the memorial has on her grieving process.