james wearing a warriors heart polo shirt

My Why: James Trimble

I spent much of my youth wondering what I wanted to do with my life. When I graduated high school, I felt like I had a world of possibilities and all that I had to do was make a decision. I knew that I wanted to get married, have a family, graduate college and make a lot of money. What I failed to realize was that my goals were impossible to achieve because I chose to drink alcohol nearly every day.

tim whitehouse

My Why: Tim Whitehouse

Our Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, and Civilian Warriors make great sacrifices for our country every day. They experience traumatic events which the regular public simply can’t understand. That’s why I feel passionately that our Warriors should be receiving the support they deserve so they can continue serving our country in whatever capacity they choose. I am humbled and honored to be with Warriors Heart where I can continue serving my fellow Warriors.

soldier leaving his family on deployment

How PTSD Affects Your Relationships

While many people realize that a person’s exposure to traumatic events such as combat or terrorism can create significant physical and mental challenges, there may be less awareness about how these events also affect that person’s loved ones. Post-traumatic stress (often called PTSD) can have a profound impact on relationships, including those with family members and friends.

a normal brain's synapses compared to that of a meth user

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

Family members and friends who are not addicts themselves often have no comprehension of how compelled an addict feels to continue their obsessive drug seeking behavior. Once a family understands from a biochemical standpoint why their loved one is choosing drugs over their family and friends, they begin to have greater compassion for the hell their loved one is trapped in. This takes a lot of the blame out of the family relationship so that the focus can shift to treatment.

robert wilson dressed in formal uniform with his wife melissa

My Why: Rob Wilson

I am a US Army Veteran, former Police Officer and Corrections Officer. I am a father, husband, son and recovering opiate addict. I have served 5 tours of duty in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom as a Military Police Officer.

I truly hope that someone reading this will find their way to treatment and get their life back as well. This disease of addiction truly is cunning, baffling and powerful. Don’t let one more day go by.

chris demeo

My Why: Chris DeMeo

I sometimes have been asked why I am no longer in Law Enforcement and what am I doing today. The answer has always been really simple. After I explain “My Why,” people understand and almost always have a certain respect for my life’s mission.

I am proud to say that today I am moving forward with Warriors Heart and helping soldiers and first responders around the country. I have been blessed by the grace of God to be able to impact so many positively in the struggle.