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Transitioning From Active Duty to Civilian Life

Shifting from military life can be a delicate transition, especially if you served for many years or have retired for medical reasons. It is during this time that many veterans find themselves at a crossroads which can lead them down a path of health and success, or a route to addiction and self-destruction. The choices made at the beginning of this journey will create the foundation of that path, which is why it is so crucial to be properly educated on the hurdles, pitfalls and support resources that await.

Soldier Suffering From Emotional Breakdown

Understanding Combat Stress, PTSD, and Addiction

Veterans of armed conflict are overloaded with stimuli, and it takes a heavy toll on the mind. “Combat stress” is a blanket term used to describe behavioral disruptions experienced as a direct result of exposure to warfare. If left unresolved, these reactions can culminate in dangerous patterns of post-traumatic stress and addiction.