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What is Euphoric Recall?

Euphoric recall is a psychological process where people exaggerate positive memories and block out any bad memories.

The process of euphoric recall is most associated with addiction recovery. Addiction provokes the use of coping mechanisms that stimulate the brain. Coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, sex, or even anger can feel good within a given moment. Euphoric recall focuses on these positive feelings without the context of negative feelings.

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Healing Facility Moves to Purple Sage Ranch

Recovering from trauma and addiction calls for incredible amounts of inner-strength and self-discipline. Warriors have to pull courage from everything around them. In addition to the support of family, friends, physicians, and therapists, our warriors need a relaxing atmosphere in which they can rediscover themselves and their inner peace.

To accommodate this need, our organization’s founders and staff have chosen to locate our healing center at Mack and Marilyn Chase’s former convention location, Purple Sage Ranch.

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My Why: Lisa Lannon

I am committed to doing what I love and loving what I do. To follow my why.

Why am I so passionate about assisting our Warriors in healing from addiction and PTSD?

Looking back and connecting the dots, like in Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to Stanford University in 2005, was easy. I didn’t have to look very far.